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The inhabitants of Créances have been known for growing a whole range of different vegetables since the 13th C. Carrots, leeks, beetroot and salsify grow in the "mielles", a sandy area close to the sea.

As growing conditions improved, from about 1919 the local population started selling their produce at markets in the area and as far away as Paris.

Growing carrots took off in a big way once a market garden co-operative was created in 1943. Thanks to the persistence of its members, the quality "Label Rouge" mark was awarded in 1962 to carrots grown in Créance’s sandy soil and since 1990 the town has organised a special festival dedicated to its "queen of vegetables", held every second Saturday in August.

The programme includes a parade of carrot growers, the "Mougeous d’Carottes", a cooking competition, a fair open to everyone and musical entertainment.  Every year about 25,000 visitors come to join in the fun.

Créance’s market garden area produces approximately 35,000 tons of "carottes des sables" and 10,000 tons of leeks every year.

Further details from the Syndicat d’Initiative de Créances (in high season)

Tél/fax : 02 33 45 05 71

Contact : Créances Town Hall : 02 33 46 30 18