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Our countryside is literally dotted with stunning châteaux and country houses.  You will undoubtedly come across some of them when you’re out walking, at the end of a country lane, their architecture mostly dating from the 15th and 17th centuries.

Château de Bricqueboscq à Vesly

The Château de Briqueboscq at Vesly has two imposing stone towers on either side of the front elevation, whereas you will find beautifully preserved carriage gates at both the Manoir de Cavilly in La Feuillie and the Manoir de Champagne at Millières. The Manoir de Cartot at Lessay has fine examples of roof lights dating from the Renaissance period.

The Manoir de la Motte at Angoville-sur-Ay boasts an impressive stair tower on its western elevation.  Several farms in the area still have intact pigeon lofts which were once considered a symbol of wealth.

Pigeonniers (dovecote) can be seen at the Ferme de Plaisance in Laulne and the Manoir de Bellée in Créances. The architecture of the 19th C is represented by Château Blanc in Le Buisson (in Créances), built in Empire style, and by the Domaine de Rochemont at Bretteville-sur-Ay-Plage.

All these properties are privately owned and not open to the public.