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"Les Pêcheurs du Canton de Lessay", an association licensed for fishing and for the protection of the aquatic environment, has about 200 members.


The association is responsible for protecting the rivers, managing fish stocks and developing angling as a pastime.

In the area around Lessay the association manages the fishing rights on the river Ay and another stretch of water.


The Ay flows through a area of salt marsh, offering a habitat for white fish, various types of carp (roach, bream, tench, gudgeon...), carnivorous fish (perch and pike) and eels.

Lessay’s other stretch of water, where trout are often released, is open year round.  The site is easily accessible, giving people the opportunity to fish in conditions that are easier than in the salt marshes.  It is possible to obtain a day licence for 10€.  You can get hold of licences at the following places: the Quincaillerie Legoubey, le bar-tabac ’le sainte-Croix’ et Scandi-Bois shop at Lessay; the Etablissements Lajoye at Créances, and Madame Meslin at La Feuillie.

Contact : Patrick Criquet
2 rue Louise Hervieu
50430 Lessay

É 02 33 45 76 42

Fédération Départementale de la Pêche et la Protection du milieu aquatique

16 rue de Pont l’Abbé BP 89 - 50190 Périers

É 02 33 46 96 50.