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The Manche is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts due to its regular tidal movements, its gentle sloping beaches and the extent of its coastline.

Beach fishing is usually most successful during the most extreme tides (solstice and equinox) when the sea draws back a long way.

Depending on what sort of fish you want to catch and where you are fishing from (sandy or rocky stretch) you will need to equip yourself with a shrimp or landing net for shrimp; knife for oysters, mussels and limpets; claw or rake to fish for clams, cockles and razor-shells; small fork or special spade for smaller clams; fish hook for crabs and lobsters.

Care must be taken to only catch shellfish which are of  regulation size and to eat them within 24 hours (ensuring that you store them in your refrigerator).  If you lift stones in your search, please make sure that you place them back in their original position otherwise you may cause the death of any hidden creatures.

You should also make sure that you check the tide timetable so as not to be cut off by rising waters.  Timetables are available from local bookshops, tourist offices.


Contacts : DDASS 50
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