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The district of Lessay:

Country: France

Region: Lower Normandy Calvados

County: la Manche

Tourism: Lessay is part of the area covered by the Regional Natural Park of the Cotentin and Bessin Wetlands, and not far from Coutances.


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The Ay Valley and its surroundings: The harbour at St-Germain-sur-Ay has been created by the timeless activity of sea and wind. At the foot of the dunes and “mielles” (sand pastures) at Créances, the swirling mass of tidal water deposits sand right at the heart of the Ay estuary.

During the winter months, this unassuming coastal river floods the adjacent wetland area which, together with the surrounding moorland and hedgerow countryside, make up one of the wildest natural landscapes of the western coast of the Cotentin.