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The Mathon peat bog is situated close to Lessay.  It is the 8th largest natural reserve in France and the only French peat bog to be listed as part of the European network of biogenetic reserves.  It covers an area of 16 hectares, in a dip between the sandstone plateau of Lessay’s moorland in the south and the marshland of the Ay valley in the north.  It is part of the vast ecological area (1580 hectares) consisting of Atlantic moorland and peat bogs which typifies the Lessay region.




The reserve is right at the heart of the Natura 2000 site - "Saint-Germain-sur-Ay harbour - Lessay moors".  It is renowned for its diverse flora and fauna.  In order to maintain the ecological balance, a small herd of highland cattle was introduced to the area in 1995.  The reserve belongs to the Association responsible for the protection of the coasts and lakes, and it is managed by the CPIE du Cotentin.  Visits can be arranged, by appointment only.


Contact : CPIE du Cotentin (Maison de l’environnement)

30 rue de l’hippodrome – 50430 Lessay

 02 33 46 37 06 et : 02 33 46 63 06

Mail : accueil@cpiecotentin.com

Website : www.cpiecotentin.com