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Part of the Lessay district comes within the boundaries of the Cotentin and Bessin marshlands regional nature park.  The area is where the two counties of the Manche and the Calvados meet.

The marshes of the Douve, the Taute, the Aure, the Ay and along the eastern coast of the Cotentin are unique in character, with water present everywhere.

There is a diversity of flora and fauna, including in particular carnivorous plants such as drosera or rosée du soleil, and a wide range of fish species.  The regional nature Park is located on the migration path of birds that leave northern Europe to winter on the African continent and thousands of migratory birds stop off in the regional nature Park during the winter.


The Lessay district is blessed with nine rivers of which the main one is the Ay.  Five of them flow into the harbour at Saint-Germain-sur-Ay: the Ay, the Ouve, the Brosse, the Dun and the Dy.  The other four end their course in the harbour at Geffosses: the Pont de la Reine, the Duit, the Landelles and the Crique.  The winter rain often causes the rivers in the valley to flood, giving it the name "white" marsh.  In October the cattle are brought in from the marshes to shelter, and they are then put out again in April when it has taken on its spring colours again: it is then called the "green" marsh.

Contact :

park’s tourist reception house and marhslands discovery area
50500 Saint Côme du Mont

 02 33 71 65 30 et 02 33 71 65 31

E-mail : ponts.douve@parc-cotentin-bessin.fr

Website : www.parc-cotentin-bessin.fr